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HAVING DEGRADABLE PRODUCTS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO OUR COMPANY, and rightfully so. We have realized that it is very important to many of our customers as well. While we learned many of our customers want degradable products, we also realized that many do not know what degradable means. We would like that to change, and that is why we have dedicated an entire section to discussing degradability and our products.

Defining Degradability
A degradable product is one that will break down into simpler components when exposed to the elements. These simpler compounds can then be reabsorbed back into the natural environment safely.

Super Concentrated Products
As a company, we take pride in developing environmentally sustainable products that rapidly degrade. For that reason, a comprehensive review process was performed by our Research and Development department. They determined that our Super Concentrates degrade through biological and chemical degradation processes within a thirty-day period. The products have undergone a full analysis for importation into the European Union, and they have met or exceed the standards set forth by the European Union for biological and chemical degradation. We desire to have an open and honest relationship with our customers, and for that reason we encourage any questions you may have about our products or their degradation process.

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Packaging and Containers

We do our best to utilize post-consumer recycled packaging and recyclable materials. Obviously, we have not identified a solution that will replace the plastic bottles used in almost all soap packaging, but we have identified ways to limit their use. One liter of Super Concentrated product can prevent as many as 68 plastic bottles from entering the landfill.