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Members get Free Shipping on Orders over $99.00

Payment Methods

 Pay By Points

If you are a Member and have enough points you can pay for your order through Points Balance.

Yes. While you are paying your order in full with points, shipping cost is also paid through Points Balance.

If you have Points less than the order total, you can opt for Partial Payment or Credit Card options.

When you do not have sufficient Points, Pay by Points option is disabled and Partial Payment option is activated for you to use the remaining Points.

 Pay By Partial Payment

When you have less Points that you can’t pay your order total in full using your Points Balance, you can use Partial Payment option which enables you to use your Points and also pay the remaining balance using your Credit Card. This helps you save your Points.

You only see this option when you have insufficient Points Balance.

 Pay By Credit Card

You can use Pay by Credit Card option any time and any day of the year. This option is always active for you to pay for your orders.

If you have enough Points balance to pay for your order, you can always opt for Pay by Points option.