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Natural Visions Automatic Dish Gel - Free & Clear - 1 QUART.

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Natural Visions 1 QUART Automatic Dish Gel Free and Clear. By utilizing super concentrates, you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint No Additional Dispenser Item NVXAFCL.


Natural Visions Automatic Dish Soap is a powerful automatic dishwashing soap that removes dirt and food stains while leaving dishes shiny and clean. Each QUART of Super Concentrate washes up to 200 loads of dishes in treated water.Use of concentrated products helps reduce packaging waste and helps you reduce your carbon footprint by having to buy less product and less plastic bottlesUses Include. Automatic Dish Soap For All Dishwashers. No Additional Dispenser Required..


Ingredients: An Aqueous Viscous Concentrate containing Sodium Metasilicate, Bio-Degradable Natural Thicken, Buffering Agents, Surfactant, Fragrance and Colorant (Free & Clear Contains No Fragrance or Colorants). Contains No Phosphates, Bleach, or Enzymes.


Proper Use: Dispense 1 teaspooninto dishwasher soap compartment. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED: Do not overuse..

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