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Natural Visions Dish Soap 16 oz. Dispenser Bottle , empty

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Natural Visions Dish Soap 16 oz. Dispenser Bottle EmptyUse this handy Dish Soap Dispenser Bottle with your Natural Visions Super Concentrated Dish Soap. Our convenient Super Concentrated formula will mix up to EIGHT 16 oz. dispenser bottles of fresh Dish Soap By utilizing super concentrates, you will save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Item NVXD25D.

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Use our empty 16 oz. dispenser for all Natural Visions Dish Soap Super Concentrates.


Adding Super Concentrate to Dispenser Bottle: Shake Super Concentrate thoroughly. Add 8 tablespoons 4 oz. of Super Concentrate to 16 oz. Dispenser. Fill to Starred Line on Dispenser. Fill Dispenser with water. Shake thoroughly to activate.Directions for Use: Dispense a small amount into running sink water. Agitate water to produce suds. Wash dishes with soapy water and sponge. Rinse thoroughly..

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