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Ultra Care Auto Protectant Concentrate Liter & Dispenser

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Ultra Care Auto Protectant Concentrate Liter & Dispenser One liter of Ultra Care™ Auto Protectant Concentrate & Spray Dispenser. Ultra Care, Auto Protectant can armor all your rubber, plastic, & vinyl including tires against UV rays and weather. Item #: LSAPC32WD.

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Restores the factory shine of rubber, tires, plastic, and vinyl on the inside and outside of your car. The concentrated formula helps protect against fading UV rays. This product comes with a refillable sprayer dispenser for convenient use. Uses Include: Clean and protect rubber, tires, plastic, & vinyl.


Ingredients: A solvent-free blend of water dilutable silicones and silicone polymers


Proper Use: 1] Spray onto surface 2] Wipe with dry cloth 3] Interior or exterior rubber, tires, plastic, & vinyl..

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