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Natural Visions Rinse Aid Super Concentrated 16oz Bottle with Dispenser

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Natural Visions Rinse Aid Super Concentrated, 16oz Bottle with DispenserNote: This is a super concentrate. You must dilute this product before use. This container makes up to sixteen 8.5 oz dispenser bottles of Rinse Aid.Item #: NVXRS16WD.


Please note: This Rinse Aid is concentrated. This product comes with the 8.5oz Dispenser Bottle NVXRA8D..


Uses: Automatic dishwasher rinse aid prevents spots left on dishes Directions For Use: 1] Shake Super Concentrate thoroughly. 2] If using purified water add 1 oz. (2 tbsp), if using hard tap water add 2 oz. (4 tbsp) of Rinse Aid concentrate to the dispenser bottle. 3] Slowly fill dispenser bottle with warm water avoiding aeration to the designated volume. 4] Seal the dispenser. 5] Shake vigorously. Wait one hour before use.


Natural Visionstm Rinse Aid helps keep dishes looking like new with regular use while fighting spots and residue for a crystalline shine. Food and water residues can redeposit on dishes during the rinse cycle, causing spots to remain. Natural Visions Rinse Aid is biodegradable, yet cuts through food and soapy residues leaving sparkling dishes, glasses and tableware. Superior drying action. Safe for septic systems. Prevents etching. Keeps your dishes looking like new. Simply fill your rinse agent compartment in your automatic dishwasher with diluted Natural Visions Rinse Aid and it is automatically dispensed in the rinse cycle every time you run your dishwasher.

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